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Financial Planning

Many Financial Advisors focus extensively on investments. There is nothing wrong with this of course as most people consider investment planning to have much appeal.

I personally like to look at the bigger picture and feel that asset growth is only a part of a long term financial management strategy. In this section I will cover topics that I feel are just as important as investments and deserving of equally detailed analysis.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is a modern concept. As recently as 1900 there was no such thing as retirement. Average life expectancy was around 47 and people essentially worked until they died. So it’s not surprising that society as a whole doesn’t know how to handle retirement: it’s never really been done before. Read more about Retirement Planning

finance application for iphone

iPhone Applications

As of September 2009, I have designed two applications that have been optimized for the iPhone. The first of these calculates Real Estate ROE and has been accepted as an “official” application by Apple. You may wish to read more about it on this page at

Note that iPhone applications do not feature a site menu, but you can return to this website by clicking on the George Fisher logo that will appear at the top of the page.

Risk Management

It is essential to be properly insured, but the options available are numerous and confusing. The Risk Management section offers an informative look at how to go about protecting your family and your assets.