George Fisher Advisors LLC

Clients are foundations, endowments, families and individuals. Some simply want a sounding board for investment decisions; others want to revamp all aspects of their financial affairs.

In either case, the decisions required of you are complex and the choices available are vast. My job is to help you reduce the choices to those that will best help you reach your goals.

If you want to look at the big picture, we can work together to establish objectives, to sort out accounts, to create a balance sheet and income statement and finally to recommend a course of action. I will help you at every step of the process of setting goals, organizing financial affairs, implementing a plan and helping to manage that plan thereafter.

Alternatively, we can work on specific issues such as cash management, investments or insurance coverage.

About George Fisher Advisors

George Fisher Advisors LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor, IARD/CRD Number 143185.

Based on the Uniform Securities Act, the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 and SEC Release No. IA-1092, firms and individuals who provide financial advice for remuneration are required to register with the state in which they maintain their principal operations. George Fisher Advisors LLC is registered in Massachusetts.

The firm offers financial planning and investment advice but not the sale of investment products; there are no sales commissions of any type. This is a very important distinction: all brokers and most financial planners, investment advisors, etc. are compensated for selling their companies’ “products”. This is a business model I have explicitly chosen to avoid. When advice comes from a person who is paid for selling a particular product, there is an intolerable conflict of interest.

George Fisher Advisors LLC provides advice to help people achieve their financial goals through comprehensive financial planning, risk management, asset allocation and the building of diversified portfolios. The financial planning services include investment planning, retirement planning, estate planning, insurance planning and planning for special needs.

George Fisher Advisors LLC is a Fee Only advisor. The concept of Fee Only is that commissions are never charged nor are there ever any special arrangements with third parties. Fee Only must be differentiated from “fee based”; “fee based” means that both fees and commissions are charged.

Fees are based on your needs and can be arranged on either an hourly or fixed basis. I receive no compensation other than what I agree to with you. This is known as “fee only” and it means that my only interest is your needs.